Autodesk ForceEffect

Autodesk ForceEffect

Ditch the calculator and go digital to test your designs

Autodesk has a reputation for creating some of the best industry-standard software in the world, and ForceEffect certainly lives up to it. In essence, it allows you to create a design, give it a set of supports, introduce forces upon it, see how other forces come into play and how changing that design changes those forces.

While that might sound a little dry to the average iOS gamer, to designers and engineers who rely on a calculator and a degree’s worth of education to calculate equations like this, the potential is huge. Being able to calculate how changes to a design will affect forces could save a lot of time in the design process, and prevent costly mistakes later on.

Concepts aside, this is incredibly well-made. With the ability to save and view HTML versions of reports generated from designs, and an image import feature on which to base your designs (useful if you’re working on something intricate like a bicycle’s chain), this certainly delivers.

Rated 4 out of 5

ForceEffect may be niche, but it’s an astoundingly useful app with some great features.