Augment Review

Augment Review

Augment Review

Put that sofa in your lounge before you buy it using Augment for iOS and Android

Augmented reality and shopping are two concepts that seem to be getting to know each other more and more as mobile devices become better at deploying both. The idea of being able to preview items – particularly furniture shown within your own home before you buy it – is something that has been attempted before, but Augment – 3D Augmented Reality appears to have taken another step forward by opening this process up to anyone when it comes to AR product creation.

You see, from within this app users can upload their own models into the Augment database, potentially opening the door for eBay sellers to allow bidders to preview the items they see online. This is a step up from existing apps and programs that work solely in connection with certain online stores and products.

Augment as an app also has a lighter side in the form of its catalogue of characters and objects that users can download and play around with on screen. There are a few bugs and glitches that can make this a slightly jumpy experience, but it is still a nice novelty and well worth a play with before you get into some serious shopping.

Augment also allows users to create their own trackers to anchor the different products in place, so users can lay out their entire new living room and see it through their smartphone using magazines as trackers, so you can get the placement just right and know for sure that the new sofa and coffee table you’re thinking about will go together.

Rated 4 out of 5

This is an app that, if integrated into the web, will change the way we shop.