Astronaut Magazine

Astronaut Magazine

The indie video magazine blasts off via the iPad

Astronaut describes itself as a video magazine with its own unique character, and from the cover you instantly get this impression. Not only is the photography cool and stylish, but as you begin to swipe through the pages you become immediately engaged, and your senses spoilt by the care that’s obviously been applied when creating the app, as well as the detail and range of what’s on offer.

The magazine itself is a vehicle for highlighting the best independent filmmakers, photographers and fashion designers out there, giving them a platform and introducing them to you using a variety of media.This is where we put our app-reviewing hats on, as each feature comes with extra content such as photo galleries and videos.

Given the clean and minimalist feel you get from the editorial layout at times, to squeeze these extras into each feature without breaking the tempo of the magazine seems like a challenge at first, but Astronaut does it very well.

Firstly, the photo galleries come as one image, but by swiping on the photo, more are revealed. Videos are played with one tap of the on-screen play button, and you scroll down one column to read each article. One tap anywhere on screen will also bring up the navigation bar so you can read the magazine the way you want.In short, Astronaut is a smart app, and a breeze to use. Plus, it will give your coolness rating a big boost.

Rated 5 out of 5

Stylish and nicely designed with content that will delight any independent film buff out there.