Artisan Paint

Artisan Paint

Concoct colourful creations with this painting app for iPad

Artisan Paint for iPad allows users to quickly – and with no artistic training – create stylish pictures that they can email, save, or upload to Facebook.

To aid the construction of masterpieces, the app delivers a single but heavily customisable main brush tool, which can be altered for width, colour shift, fade, colour cycle, size, springyness and noise.

These variables, partnered with the basic options to alter brush and background colour, allow a cavalcade of colour and texture to be created by simply drawing lines on the screen.

Akin to some of the fancier neon brush options found in Adobe Illustrator, the dynamic nature of these brushes adds flare and depth to basic doodles. Key to this is the software’s ability to generate consistent line geometry, arching finger/stylus strokes, and smooth out shakiness of hand.

The result is always a super-real version of your drawing, with added light, contrast, depth, texture and transparency – qualities that, artificially or not, help bring the creation to life.

There are, however, a couple of problems with Artisan Paint. Firstly, your tabula rasa is always locked in profile mode, firmly clamping brush, colour and connectivity options at the bottom of the screen.

Obviously, while users can simply rotate the physical device to draw horizontally, this is annoying, as we found accessing the brushes usually requires you to stop and rotate the screen back to profile. Secondly, the actual screen interface is rather laggy, with a noticeable delay between placing your stylus on the page and the result been rendered.

Rated 3 out of 5

A laggy interface and lack of basic features dull what is actually a neat painting tool.