Art Intelligence – Keith Haring Review

Art Intelligence – Keith Haring Review

See how the world affected Keith Haring and his work through this dedicated iPad app

Akin to a coffee table art book, the next offering in the Art Intelligence series showcases the work of artist Keith Haring, showing his graffiti and paintings and highlighting his political messages. Being able to bounce from artwork to activism brings a nice dimension to his work. You can see them in isolation, view them in a timeline and read about what motivated him to produce those pieces. By the end of it you gain a greater appreciation of his art and an understanding of the man himself.

While most people who buy this app will undoubtedly have already heard of Mr Haring, the people who will get most out of it are those who come to him fresh. You get a wonderful glimpse into his life: whether it be his MTV era, the New York club scene or his sad death as a result of AIDS. You can just look at the gallery or see the various moments that defined and inspired him.

There are two other parts to the navigation. ‘Connections’ links the ideas so you can see at a glance how they all fit together. The ‘Conversations’ area brings others into the picture as well as allowing you to converse and find out the impact his work has on others. This is where an iPad app can go well beyond the traditional coffee table art book and break boundaries, delivering far greater depth. Art Intelligence shows how such work can be displayed to near perfection and for the price, you’ll have yourself an intellectual bargain. An essential for fans.

Rated 4 out of 5

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