Want to know what’s nearby? Enter AroundMe

We can’t count the number of times that we’ve been out and about and wanted to  nd a café, bar, shop, or bank nearby that we can reach quickly. When you’re in a place that you don’t know well, it’s easy to search for hours to find what you want, and why should you need to in an age where the internet is at your  fingertips?

AroundMe is an app that works with both the iPad and iPhone, and is available for free from the App Store. Upon opening the app for the  rst time, you will be asked whether it can use your location, and we strongly advise that you tap yes, as doing so will unlock the real power of the app.

Using this location data, you can search the area around you for a whole range of things, from hospitals to movie theatres, and car parks to pubs. Tapping on a category will not only give you a written list of places you might  nd useful, it will also drop pins on a map to show you precisely where they are situated. Tapping one of these pins – or on the name of the place you would like to visit – will bring up their details, allowing you  nd their contact number, view their address or, with a tap, go to their Google Details page, with reviews, opening hours and more.

Tapping the eye icon in the top of the display and holding your iPad 2 or iPhone up will allow you to view the location of the nearby attractions onscreen in a virtual environment. This not only gives you a simple direction pointer; it will also tell you how far you are from the location.

The whole thing works beautifully, and the interface is very slick indeed. The virtual view is somewhat uncomfortable using an iPad, however, as holding the large device up isn’t as simple as it could be, and there are ads in the app which can be removed by paying a fee, but these are barely noticeable when the rest of the app is so functional.

Rated 5 out of 5

A clean interface makes this a great idea, implemented well.