Archangel Review

Archangel Review

Save Heaven from demonic invasion in divine dungeon crawler Archangel for iPhone, iPad and Android

The dark, menacing and expansive world of dungeon crawlers has captivated gamers for many years. Spawning ports and tributes on all platforms, the genre is no less of an experience on mobile.

The great thing about Archangel is that it has all the best things about the genre squeezed into a game for your smartphone or tablet. First of all, it looks fantastic; the 3D world that you see in the opening cut-scenes is the same environment you find yourself moving through moments later. Also hugely satisfying is the impressive power your angelic character possesses to cut down the hordes of Hell. There’s a high body count here, and that’s a lot of fun.

The touch controls are very easy to deal with too; tap to move and then on enemies to attack them. There are also swipes to deflect and cut them down, and tapping and holding powers up the fire arrows you wield to devastating effect.

In truth, the difficulty level could be higher in the early levels, with little resistance offered by any of the first three bosses we faced. This is great for easing you in, but it does teeter on the edge of becoming dull.

Cloud saving is a real bonus, meaning that you can put the game down on one device and pick up on another – something you’re more than likely to take advantage of over the 30 levels. In short, dungeon crawling is still as good as ever.

Rated 4 out of 5