AppLock Pro Review

AppLock Pro Review

AppLock Pro Review

Easily secure apps on your Android device with maximum protection

The best apps are those that focus on a few specific things, but do them excellently. This is exactly where AppLock Pro scores. The app’s functionality is simple – create a random four digit password (or pattern lock) and use it to gain access to whichever app or system setting on your device you choose.

No one likes being made to sign in to every account (social media, email, bank details, etc) every time you open an app. Today, we assume our device is secure with us and are almost always signed in to all our accounts (after all, how else would we get our updates, right?). But this means that our treasure trove of our personal information is only a tap away from anyone using our device. If this falls into the wrong hands, others may be able to access all our information at the tap of an app.

AppLock Pro has a few nifty features like random keyboard, a lock icon from where you can lock everything on your device with one click and short exit unlock, but overall the app is small, cheap, simple and very easy to use. What if you forget your password? The first time you sign in, you’ll need to enter a security question, answer and hint through which you can retrieve your password. Just make sure this is easy enough for you to know, but difficult for someone else.

Rated 5 out of 5

AppLock Pro is a must – especially for apps that have access to your finances and other bits of personal information.