Another World – 20th Anniversary

Another World – 20th Anniversary

The cult classic arrives on iOS

When it first appeared back in 1991, Another World was heralded for its cinematic gameplay, and even though technology has since progressed, it still looks great, and plays even better. Reworked for the touchscreen generation, you have the choice of intuitive new touch controls, which involve tapping either edge of the screen, or the D-pad set up, with both allowing for two-touch gameplay.

This is lucky, because you’ll need your fingers and your wits about you to survive the alien world you find yourself in. Ranging from plunging chasms to teeth-filled pits and armed alien guards, you must use logic and skill to overcome a range of obstacles. The controls are very intuitive, and therefore make for a great gaming experience, with every command easy to hand out and execute. Coupled with a retro look that has aged very well, Another World really hasn’t lost anything with time.  The cut-scenes are fantastic; full of flashes of teeth and retro scenery.

It really is an engaging place to be, with a story you’ll want to help unfold. This new anniversary edition has three difficulty settings to satisfy your skill level, whether it’s your first time, or if you’re a veteran of the game. There’s also Game Center integration, so you can compare your experience with other users and celebrate the game’s 20th anniversary.

Rated 5 out of 5

Celebrate a classic title by downloading this fantastic iOS version, and see why it’s so loved.