Another Case Solved

Another Case Solved

Play the detective in this mysterious match-three puzzle game for iOS and Android

Created by the developer of Puzzle Craft, free iOS and Android game  Another Case Solved offers a variation on the same concept. Rather than mixing tile-matching puzzles with a god game, it wraps them in a light-hearted detective theme. This features an amusing storyline about a 1940s city outlawing sugary foods (take that Candy Crush!) and there’s some nice burbled banter between the private eye you play and other characters.

The first few minor cases (lost cats, etc) introduce the main tile-matching game. Here you need to create chains of three or more of the same icon to make them disappear and so obtain the required numbers of clues demanded by witnesses – or the pieces of evidence revealed by chaining enough clues together. It starts off easy, but the limited number of moves on later levels means you need to think ahead to chain the right items at the right time. Even then, it can get frustrating and you often have to resort to using the special tools and skills.

Completing minor cases found in newspapers unlocks major cases, which add three mini-games to the proceedings. The ID parade is a basic Guess Who-style process of elimination as you ask questions about the suspects’ physical appearance. The map mini-game sees you using pieces of evidence to find a location. Finally, there’s a house-searching game where you need to first find the right room (using an intuition meter), then search furniture to reveal items – each move depleting the timer.

Once you get going, Another Case Solved is playable enough, although there’s not much depth to it. Sure, you can buy office furniture and equipment to unlock extra tools – and use mission stars earned to buy a host of helpful skills that will prove essential for later cases – but the prices rise exponentially and you may soon need to make in-app purchases of the main candy currency to avoid having to wait for new cases.

Rated 3 out of 5

A decent attempt at a detective-themed puzzler that lacks the gameplay depth to really get you hooked.