Angry Birds Go! Review

Angry Birds Go! Review

Angry Birds Go! Review

The ever-expanding Angry Birds franchise is now taking on Mario Kart in this 3D racing game for iOS and Android

Angry Birds really is everywhere these days, from within their own cookbooks to a galaxy far, far away, this franchise is taking over. The latest step on that path has seen Angry Birds go 3D on iOS and Android for the first time, and step away from the physics puzzle genre at the same time.

Angry Birds Go! is a whacky racing game, where you fly out of your slingshot (obviously) to begin each race and try to outpace the bad piggies alongside you. There are also power-ups and coins to collect along the way during gameplay that feel like a love letter to Mario Kart. As you perform better you can upgrade your car as well as buy new ones to help you score more points in each race.

The Angry Birds format hasn’t been completely abandoned though, with points and stars awarded based on your performance in each race. These can then be put towards more upgrades.

Though this feels like a nice change of direction for the series, and a fun new perspective try out, you can’t help but wonder why this game is here, as in truth it offers nothing new to the already overcrowded racing genre. Relying on the Angry Birds name is hardly a risk, but Go! feels at times like it is doing little else but just that, and your attention span won’t last longer than a few races.

Rated 3 out of 5

Great to try out, but this won’t keep you coming back for long.