Analog Camera Review

Analog Camera Review

Analog Camera Review

The team behind the Clear to-do list app are back to simplify things again with Instagram-like iPhoneography

The latest trend in app design is for a ‘flat’ interface, moving away from life-like digital textures and ‘skeuomorphic’ looks that Apple has been fond of for so long. One of the best examples of flat UI has always been smash hit productivity app Clear, and now its developer Realmac has returned with Analog Camera, looking to transform the photo-editing world.

As expected there is minimum fuss when you launch Analog Camera, with a soft fusion of a camera view and your camera roll on screen. Users can snap a picture with a tap or pull down to select a previous image from their photo album. The latter takes you past some of the tweaking gestures you can apply when capturing photos in-app. Tap anywhere on the viewpoint to move the focus, or double tap to return focus to the centre. A pinch-out gesture on your manually selected focus point separates the icon in two, so users can set the focus and play with exposure before taking the photo, meaning you have total control over the look of the shot.

The final stop is the filters page where eight effects surround the original image in a grid pattern, with sharing options at the bottom of the screen. Tap any of the effects to see a full screen preview, and then share it on social media.

It all takes moments, yet the images look thought out and meaningful. That’s the power of Analog Camera and its sleek, flat design.

Rated 5 out of 5

Perhaps it doesn't have the depth of others, but it's effortless to experiment with and produces great results.