American Revolution Interactive Timeline

American Revolution Interactive Timeline

Step back in time with this look at a pivotal moment in US History

While you can learn all sorts from books and the web, the iPad allows people to share information in a much more engaging way.

American Revolution presents a full history in the form of a scrollable timeline. Images and text are mixed together, with historical artefacts and landmark events marked out.

Tapping an image will make it fullscreen for easier viewing, and each photograph is annotated. We were a little disappointed that the images and artefacts weren’t interactive, and we would have liked a little more information.

That said, the design is fantastic, and everything is slick and smooth. We see this more as a starting point or revising tool than a way to learn about the revolution, as the information offered is sometimes a little limited.

Rated 4 out of 5

The extra information is sometimes lacking, but this is a beautifully designed app that brings the American Revolution to life.