American Presidents

American Presidents

Get to know the 44 men who have led the United States

We’re willing to bet that your first impressions of American Presidents will instantly engage you in the history of the US Presidency. You’re greeted with a timeline of American history, upon which stand the 44 Presidents.

Touch each one to bring up a biography, as well as detailed descriptions of their life before and during their time in the White House.  It’s a level of content that surprises at first, with image galleries available for all the Presidents, though the amount of images varies. There are also external links should you want to go even deeper into their history.  The main timeline contains a list of key events, with those in red opening up an explanation of the subject.

On top of this, there are maps detailing the evolution of the USA, a documents section which contains a copy of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and full transcripts of some of the most pivotal speeches in American history, such as Roosevelt’s address post-Pearl Harbour and Nixon’s Resignation address.  The app keeps it simple by not building masses of layers, instead relying on the swipe-along timeline, with one touch on any President opening up their profile. The other key part of the interface is the menu bar beneath the timeline, where you can access maps, speeches and quizzes.

While there is an underlying educational element, its presentation doesn’t give off the sense of wanting to be taken too seriously. It’s an appealing interface that wants to be engaged with, not attack you with facts and figures. This is an app for everyone; as an educational tool, or for those interested in American history.

Rated 4 out of 5

Looks great, and is packed with interesting information, making American Presidents a real winner.