Alter Review

Alter Review

Alter Review

Convert any copied text into a to-do list with handy productivity app Alter

If someone gives you a list of tasks, or items to buy from the supermarket on the way home, copying them one by one into a to-do list can be a chore in itself. That’s where Alter comes in. Just copy some text from an email or message, open the Alter app and paste it into its main screen. When you hit the list icon, it’ll magically convert the text into a to-do list of tasks or items. You can then swipe or double-tap each item to cross it off and move it down to the Done section.

The app works by separating items after every return, comma and/or full stop – you can turn each separator on/off in the settings. You don’t even need to faff about moving markers to select the correct bit of text to copy in the first place, since long-pressing an item in Alter enables you to start the list (or end it) there, so it’s easy to cut out the bits of the message you don’t need. You can also merge an item up/down into an adjacent one if it’s been erroneously split up.

Strangely, given the app’s name, there’s no facility to alter the text of an existing item, which is a shame. However, you can hit the ‘+’ symbol to add new ones. One minor drawback is that Alter can only handle one list at a time, so you’ll need to delete the current one to start another.

Rated 4 out of 5

A simple and easy solution for quickly creating to-do lists from copied text.