Alien Blue – Reddit Official Client Review

Alien Blue – Reddit Official Client Review

Alien Blue – Reddit Official Client Review

The front page of the internet – for your iPhone

Reddit recently bought the Alien Blue app – before then, it was an unofficial piece of software created by and catered by fans of the online forum. Alien Blue for iPhone and iPad is the first official client Reddit has outside of its own website – except for its separate Ask Me Anything app – but the groundwork Alien Blue has laid down is a fantastic way to change all that.

The app has become free since Reddit’s takeover, and working with the site’s own internal staff has bolstered the responsiveness of the service: images load quicker (and the Imgur integration will please serial posters), gifs work better, videos play in-app (with the option to load in the browser or YouTube if desired) and a built-in gallery mode allows browsing your preferred subreddit easier than it is on the web.

The app features a wealth of options that tailor your browsing experience to you: personalisation themes, post filters and listing options, interchangeable reading views and media previews – you know, just in the unlikely eventuality you don’t have the bandwidth or time to see that 1,900 x 2,200 kitten gif in its full glory. The paid-for Pro option also allows multiple accounts – an option given free in other apps – and a kind-of subreddit radio for discovering new time-sinks, as well as image gallery support.

Rated 5 out of 5

We rarely use our Mac browsers any more – all our redditing is done through Alien Blue.