Airpano Travel Book: See the world from your phone

Airpano Travel Book: See the world from your phone

See the world in glorious 3D on your phone or tablet

Created by a group of Russian photo enthusiasts, AirPano is an app for which the word ‘stunning’ was invented. It is a beautifully presented offering that starts by showing you a series of cartoon-like pop-up books. But once you start to explore, it gives you a wide selection of some of the most awe-inspiring 3D images we have seen.

The quality of the panoramic photos are incredible and you really get a feeling of being there. You are able to  filter down to the wonders of the world: cities in the day and at night, mountains, resorts and historical places, easily hopping from one place to the other via a map dotted with colourful markers. You can’t see every location of interest in the world – there are none in the UK, and just two in Africa – but there is enough to keep you very interested.

What it isn’t, though, is Google Earth. You’re not able to fly around for miles and miles. Instead, the photos are taken from a  fixed vantage point and you are limited to whatever the photographer has taken from there. That is disappointing at times but the developers do not promise anything more. There is a gyroscope option for a bird’s-eye view of a location, though, as well as information on each area highlighted.

Rated 4 out of 5

A photobook app packed with inspiration and jawdropping images that is frequently updated.