Agent – Put Your Phone To Work Review

Agent – Put Your Phone To Work Review

Agent – Put Your Phone To Work Review

Teach your smartphone to silence your calls when you’re in a meeting and auto-respond to messages when driving with this contextual Android app

Our smartphones may be packed with top technology, but they’re not actually that smart at detecting when we’re busy doing something – like driving, for example – and need them to behave accordingly. While there is no shortage of task-automating apps available on Android, many of them are complicated to set up and use. Not so with Agent – Put Your Phone To Work, which is an absolute doddle.

Via a clean and simple user interface, it offers five ‘agents’ which, once enabled, will automate the respective tasks in the background for you. Perhaps the most obviously useful of these is the Drive agent. It detects when you’re driving, which is when you’re connected to a nominated Bluetooth device (ie a hands-free kit or in-car Bluetooth), and is able to send an automated response. As with all the other agents, there are detailed configuration options so you can set it up just as you want. As well as sending a customisable response to calls and/or texts from selected contacts, telling them you’re driving and you’ll get back soon, it can read text messages aloud and also silence the phone.

When you stop the car, the Parking agent comes in handy, storing your vehicle’s location so you can find it again later. It worked well for us, although it’d be nice if you could also trigger it manually. It can store up to five parking spots, which are shown on a map. Simply click on one to open it up in Google Maps for directions.

The Meeting agent silences your phone (or sets it to vibrate) and automatically activates based on your calendar events – only ‘Busy’ ones if you wish. It can also be set to only work between specific times, although it doesn’t permit you to accept calls from certain contacts. The latter option is offered by the Sleep agent, however, which otherwise silences calls and activates power-saving options between set times. Finally, the Battery agent is triggered when the battery percentage falls below the level you set, at which point it can dim the screen to a custom brightness level, turn off Bluetooth and restrict background data. Overall, it’s an excellent solution.

Rated 4 out of 5

A very easy-to-use automator for five useful tasks, although there’s no option yet to create your own.