Aelios Weather

Aelios Weather

A brilliant way to discover the weather across the world and do it in style at the same time

If you’re a user of both an iPhone and an iPad, you’ll know that Apple’s Weather app for the smaller iOS device is rather poor. The iPad lacks a weather app entirely, and while it displays webpages brilliantly, no weather websites are specifically designed for Apple’s tablet.

Luckily, Jilion has brought together brilliant design and useful information in a weather app unlike anything you will have seen before. The premise is relatively simple, but there are several excellent user interface elements that set this apart from other apps that give you the weather for your area.

First of all, the app uses Google Maps to locate you in the world, so you can pinch and scroll around the map as if navigating in the app. The wheel in the middle of the screen is called a Selection Lens, and a pin-pointer will move around it, locking in on the areas of highest population. You can search for a specific place if you wish, or let the app use your current location by tapping the icon on the top left.

From here, tapping the name of the place, or just waiting for a moment, will bring up the weather around the lens. It’s very simple to use, looks wonderful and fills the hole for a weather app on iPad perfectly. One of the first apps you should take a look at if you’re new to the device.

Rated 5 out of 5

Beautiful design, perfect functionality, and a great price for a stunning weather app.