Adventure Time Game Wizard Review

Adventure Time Game Wizard Review

Adventure Time Game Wizard Review

On my glob! Create your own adventure starring Finn and Jake

Let’s get one thing straight: if you’re someone who’s even a little bit serious about mobile gaming, you need to add Adventure Time Game Wizard to your collection.

Cartoon Network’s expansive platformer, built around its uber-successful Adventure Time cartoon franchise, combines tight touch controls with slick, stylish graphics, challenging gameplay. Coupled with an innovative, hand-drawn level creator, this is undoubtedly one of the best platformers available on the mobile market right now.

That level editor alone is worth the price of admission, with Adventure Time Game Wizard giving players the ability to create complex new levels by drawing them on paper, and then scanning them into the game. If you’re one those 21st Century ragamuffins who don’t know what a pencil is, you can also draw levels directly into the game via the touchscreen.

Unfortunately, the title’s ambitious nature is also its greatest weakness, with the sheer complexity of levels sometimes causing frame rate drops, making navigating crucial sections harder than it needs to be. Ultimately though, it’s a minor niggle that doesn’t damage the overall experience. Want our advice? Buy it. Buy it right now.

Rated  out of 5