Adobe Voice Review

Adobe Voice Review

Adobe Voice offers an easy way to create narrated slideshow videos

So, what’s your story? Whatever message you want to relate, from an interactive photo  Adobe Voice makes it incredibly easy to do so in the form of an animated slideshow video with voice narration.

It’s so simple to pick up and use that even the tutorial is largely superfluous, and within minutes you’ll have created your first, professional-looking video. Choose a preset structure, such as ‘Promote an Idea’ or ‘Share an Invitation’, and you’ll be advised on what to put in each slide, but you can ignore this and do what you like, adding and removing slides. The editing is all done in portrait view, with the current slide preview in the middle, a strip of slide thumbnails along the bottom and context-sensitive options at the top. For each slide, you can choose a photo (your own or search for a Creative Commons image), icon (from over 25,000) or text. Or use one of the five layout options to combine these. Then you hold the mic button and record your commentary.

To style things up you can select one of 32 varied themes, which determine the background, colour scheme and text style. There’s also a choice of background music, from the built-in jingles or your own library. While there’s not really any scope for fine-tuning – things like font and text size are set automatically and layout choices are limited – there are enough creative options to make your project stand out. A quick peek at the Explore section showing other users’ videos reveals Adobe Voice’s versatility.

Once happy with your video, you can upload it to Adobe’s servers and share a weblink for it via all the usual suspects like Facebook, Twitter, Email or Message. Sadly, there’s no option to export it to use in other applications, but videos are stored locally in the Projects tab so you can view and re-edit them later as you wish.

Rated 5 out of 5

While it has some limitations, it makes it incredibly easy to create impressive slideshow videos.