Free-flowing action gunplay comes to iPad

Proof of iOS’s capabilities in the world of gaming are becoming more and more frequent. When the likes of Rage HD and Infinity Blade began the charge for iOS gaming last year, the App Store was an entirely different beast. These days, it seems we’re finding quality behind every game, especially from prolific app creator Gameloft.

9mm doesn’t hold back either. This is a great-looking game: with smooth character models and highly detailed environments, it’s hard not to be impressed throughout 9mm’s campaign.

Which, while we’re on the subject, is a confused affair. Gameplay itself resembles the slo-mo gun-fu of Max Payne. Mostly controls work smoothly, with slow-motion dives directed with the swipe of a button. Firing a weapon can prove cumbersome, though, as the small on–screen button proves a little too fiddly in the heat of battle.

Levels are diverse, with a wide range of sections and tasks. Though, for the most part, you’ll simply be gunning down one foe after the next, it’s the brief chase sequences and fisticuffs that keep the game fresh. The nonsensical characters do become irksome, as the game delves into a ridiculous look at the seedy underbelly of LA.

Then there’s a solid multiplayer component, which enables 12 players to duke it out across four different maps. The standard modes of team deathmatch and free-for-all feature, as does the impressive graphical tech powering the game.

Unfortunately, the slo-mo function highlights the issues of 9mm: gunplay is just not as manageable without the assistance that it provides, and combat can become difficult when set against the high-speed action. Nonetheless, 9mm offers everything you could need: varied single-player, lengthy multiplayer and gorgeous graphics.

Rated 4 out of 5

It’s immature and it costs a lot, but it’s a high–quality and exciting shooter that’s well worth your time.