90 in 1: APPZILLA!

90 in 1: APPZILLA!

90 in 1: APPZILLA!

When quantity over quality isn’t always bad

Is Appzilla too good to be true? The app claims to offer 90 distinct apps in one – far too many to list here – all for less than the cost of a chocolate bar. And although most of the features vary wildly in their value, appeal and usefulness, there is such a huge amount of content here that it makes most other apps in this price-range look distinctly over-priced by comparison.

Designed to resemble a series of icons across five swipable pages, the apps fit roughly into the categories of everyday use (flashlight, clock, spirit level), communication (spell checker, Morse code, translator), iPhone apps (auto camera, battery life), numeracy (calculators, currency converter), online (Google apps, Tweetface), and entertainment (fake text, drum pad, Voodoo).

While all the apps have the same unrefined look, the functionality of them was anything but; usability is generally good, and there is genuinely something here for everyone. It must be said that many of the features in Appzilla can be found elsewhere on the App Store, and in some cases for free, and also we found certain apps were aimed at the US only.

Ultimately, Appzilla’s sheer range of functions make it worthwhile, but if you require specific features we suggest researching all the available apps built for the task rather than take a punt on this. That said, there’s no hiding the value on offer here, that’s for sure.

Rated 4 out of 5

You don’t always get what you pay for; Appzilla is a solid app anthology for a low price.