80 Days Review

80 Days Review

Where will you travel first in this interactive iPad version of Phileas Fogg’s classic tale?

80 Days is a sky-high tidemark of what an interactive book should be; expertly realised by the technology that touch-screen devices like the iPhone and iPad provide.

As Passepartout, valet of the famous Phileas Fogg, you must clasp on to your master’s coattails as he bounds off on his merry wager circumnavigating the globe in a mere octoginta of days. Rather than just letting you interact with key elements on the page, though, 80 Days cleverly transforms the experience into something of a role-playing game, giving you full freedom over Fogg’s purse strings and choosing the route that both take around the world. You even ‘level-up’ of sorts as the trust between master and dogsbody increases as your key decisions pay off.

The story unfolds around illustrations that become animated in accordance to your actions and a choice of text. Each city you visit brings forth its own mini story and places to visit, and each mini novella that unfolds requires decision-making on your part, which you choose by tapping on the text to determine a conversational response, a place to visit within the city or the next major location to head to.

As you travel you have to factor in the cost of tickets and accommodation as well as any additional equipment that you may need to buy to help you cope better with your surrounds, so there’s plenty to think about as you become more engrossed in the story at large.

We can’t stress how well implemented everything is and how much there is to explore (especially with so many locations present on your trip, not all of which can be visited in a single trip). The result is that you don’t feel as though you’re reading a book and you don’t feel as though you’re playing a game. It’s a whole new experience and one we urge everyone, young and old, to enjoy.

Rated 5 out of 5

80 Days expertly re-imagines Jules Verne’s story by making you a vital part of the action. Absolutely breathtaking!