500px Review

500px Review

500px Review

Having been the envy of iPhone users for some time, 500px has finally surfaced as a multi-device compatible app

Having been the envy of iPhone users for some time, 500px has finally surfaced as a multi-device compatible app. Everything you’ve seen before and loved on the iPad is here pretty much; this is essentially a streamlined version of the coffee-table photography gallery.

There have been some teething problems though, with 500px disappearing from the App Store briefly due to age rating issues. Thankfully these have been solved by an update, and the app is up and running once again.

There are social features on every image so within a few taps you can find out the photographer and begin to interact with them by following their profile, commenting, liking or favouriting their photos.

Doing this adds images to your Flow, which is a new feature for 500px on mobile devices and is being premiered for the first time on iPhone. Flow is a personalised feed of all the images that you have interacted with, so you can essentially use it as a storage space for all the photos you find that truly appeal to you. Unfortunately, unlike the iPad version, you don’t have the ability to purchase images that you like. On the iPhone the app is purely a gallery of images.

It is also, perhaps to be expected, a very polished and well-designed place to be. There is a drop-down menu of categories to explore, as well as a handy search tool should you want to look for something specific yourself. Tap the icon next to the this list option and you can access the personal settings of the app; a feed of your own photos as well as your 500px profile. This is an area that might catch some users by surprise; 500px is a very good social arena for interacting with others who share a passion for all manners of photography. The app comes with links to both Twitter and Facebook, and you can log in using either and then sync your contact list to see who else is using 500px.

It’s been a long time coming, but finally iPhone users can revel in some of the best photography around without having to switch devices, or just stare lovingly at the screenshots on the App Store.

Rated 4 out of 5

Slick to work with, and essentially an extension of the existing app rather than a new one.


  • game_on_you

    you can never rely on these people. the ban you without warning, they keep and use your photos forever (yes, even after you are banned or delete your account), they don’t reply to support tickets