Style + substance = a calendar app like no other

There are certain things you expect from a calendar app. One is that you can view the date. Another is that you can view days, weeks and months in the past or future. And finally, the ability to create reminders. You’ll likely find these features in every calendar app available on the App Store, but what’s unlikely is that any of them work like 3:65.

Proving that style can work alongside substance, this calendar app offers an experience like no other. Instead of being welcomed by a rudimentary grid of dates, you are greeted by a futuristic-looking tunnel. Swipe through the tunnel to move to future dates, back to go to into the past. Tap the spinning globe displaying the time in the centre, and you’ll be taken to a circular view, where you can see what day a particular date will fall on.

Selecting Menu activates a number of options, where you can customise the calendar, as well as add events. This is a simple process, made all the more impressive by the array of icons on offer to attribute to an event. These icons will then appear on the tunnel view to display forthcoming events, and you can set the obligatory reminder too. Overall, 3:65 offers all the functionality you’d expect from a calendar app, wrapped in a deliciously stylish skin. It may not be the clearest way to view this information, but we’ll be damned if it isn’t one of the sleekest.

Rated 5 out of 5

A highly innovative app – viewing events and reminders has never looked so good.