30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge Review

30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge Review

30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge Review

30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge serves up a must-have iPhone and iPad app for healthy living

The 30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge app is a simple one. It’s about smoothies. Green ones.

The design is clean and simple and the pictures look vibrant and tasty (as the smoothies turn out to be in reality, as well). You can either dive straight into a 30-day programme, or select from the recipes.

The app is welcoming to novices; it offers guidance on shopping for ingredients, what goes together and what sort of blender you might like, all in plain, straightforward English. It also manages to avoid the health-crazy tone often associated with programmes of this ilk. There is even a guide on substitutions in case you’re not a fan of a certain ingredient, so it’s perfectly okay not to like kale.

The challenge itself is also very simple to follow. Press the button and a list of 30 smoothies pops up. You can add the ingredients for each smoothie onto a shopping list, which even divides the ingredients according to aisles, for us easily confused ones. The challenge is strict, as you can’t skip or switch a smoothie if you don’t have the right ingredients that day, but the ready-made 5-day shopping list is designed to prevent that happening. This is a challenge, after all. The wide range of smoothies ensures variety if you want to re-take the challenge, although regrettably, there isn’t a bacon smoothie. We checked.

Rated 5 out of 5

Smoothie Challenge is a simple app for anyone who wants to add a bit of green to their diet.