123D Creature Review

123D Creature Review

Bring the creatures of your imagination to life thanks to 123D Creature on iPad

Imagination is something that is very much sparked with an iPad in hand, and this is thanks to the thousands of apps that give users the space and blank canvas to create what they wish.

123D Creature is one of the latest examples of this, but takes it to new heights in terms of depth of creation and end product, thanks to its 3D printing process that can turn your creations into real-life objects. Developed by Autodesk, the studio behind SketchBook Pro, it is perhaps no surprise that 123D Creature is as creatively accessible as it is, but the level of scope and freedom arguably surpasses any blank canvas app. Users start with a ‘skeleton’ that they can mould and add to as they see fit, using touch gestures to create the base for a creature. Once you’re happy, the base is ‘cooked’ and solidified so it can be moulded – this is the stage where sculpting comes into play and it mimics the process of creating a physical 3D model perfectly. Yes, you’ll likely need an artistic touch to create something truly worth printing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun experimenting. Once colour has been added as the final layer, there is the wonderfully exciting prospect of being able to purchase a real, physical sculpture of your creation in one of three sizes. Suddenly your afternoon of fantasy has turned into a real-life desktop toy. What 123D Creature has done genuinely excites our creative side.

Rated 5 out of 5

The freedom of the creation tool makes this app a brilliant way to turn your fantasies into reality.