1&1 Domains Review

1&1 Domains Review

1&1 Domains Review

Search for domain names on the go with this great app

In the process of trying to think of a great domain name for your new website, inspiration can strike you in the strangest of places. It’s not always practical simply to grab the nearest laptop and check the availability of whatever domain name you’ve dreamt up, but 1&1’s app certainly solves that problem.

1&1 Domains is clearly designed with existing customers in mind, as an account with 1&1 is required to access domain prices and place orders, but it’s certainly well worth signing up for. The process of finding a domain name itself is really simple, with the search bar being the default view that loads every time you fire up the app. The searches themselves are extremely fast, and include a wide range of domain names to choose from.

The number of options you’re given when choosing a domain is huge, and even if your favourite is gone, you can tap on it to perform a WHOIS lookup of whoever currently owns it just in case you want to contact them about a possible sale.

All of these features add up to form an app that’s simple enough for a beginner in the world of web development to get to grips with, while giving enough to the power users who buy domain names like they’re going out of fashion. A worthy addition to your app entourage.

Rated 4 out of 5

1&1 Domains might be simple, but you’ll soon wonder how you ever lived without it.