Discover fun for all the family with How It Works’ brand-new app


This free app includes listings for thousands of museums, galleries and heritage sites near you


Design a movie poster for Mad Max: Fury Road and win a trip to London


The Warner Bros’ blockbuster hits 3D, IMAX 3D and 2D cinemas on May 14!


Win a SteelSeries Stratus XL Gaming Controller


Enjoy full-sized gaming on the go with this wireless controller fo iPhone and iPad


Adventure Time Game Wizard Review


On my glob! Create your own adventure starring Finn and Jake

Let’s get one thing straight: if you’re someone who’s even a little bit serious about mobile gaming, you need to add Adventure Time Game Wizard to your collection.


Wthr Complete Review: The fact-heavy weather forecast


As well as an 8 day forecast, review 4 years of weather data, in this fully-featured download

If the weather doesn’t really affect you beyond deciding what to wear on a brief commute to work then you’d be better off downloading one of the many free weather apps.


Carrot Hunger review: The HAL 9000 of calorie counters


Prepare to be scolded if you overindugle as Carrot brings his own-brand of sadistic AI to calorie counting

Carrot is rather insulting.


Procreate Pocket review: Paint a mini masterpiece


The fully-featured iPad illlustration app launches on iPhone so you can create anytime, anywhere

The iPad has revolutionised digital art to a great degree, providing a large, touchscreen canvas for artists to unleash their inner creativity.


Discover the future of tech at The Wearable Show 2015


All-star line up including Samsung, Microsoft, Misfit and Jawbone announced for this year’s event


Letterspace – Swipe. Edit. Note. Review


Note-taking just got a whole lot sexier

When a third-party app boasts a genuine, bona fide brilliant idea, it isn’t unusual to see it creep into an iOS update somewhere down the line.


Jamn Player Review: Learn to play any song in your iTunes library


This free app teaches you how to play your favourite songs

Wouldn’t it be great if you could learn how to play all of your favourite songs without having to scour the internet in search of tabs that sound just about right? If you’re sat there thinking ‘yes, yes it would!’ then you might want to download Jamn Player, a free iPhone and iPad app that lets you do just that.


Opinion Review: Record the next Serial with this podcast editing app


Record and edit your very own podcast without any technical know-how

Podcasting has been around for more than ten years and still going, with true crime story Serial recently going onto become a global phenomenon, racking up 5 million downloads worldwide and  even being syndicated by national radio stations, such as BBC Radio 4.


TheTake Review: What is that film star wearing? Tap to find out


Like Shazam for clothes, TheTake identifies what people are wearing in movies

The phrase ‘as seen on TV’ is a well-worn – some may say dubious – badge of honour for a product but there is no doubt that an item seen on a screen (large or small) can be more desirable.


Sumptus review: Pocket-size personal expense management


Track your expenses quickly and easily with this money management app

If your default setting for money management is to bury your head in the sand, then this app will gently coax you out of blissful ignorance and install an element of organisation in your life.


Dark Hearts review: watch this interactive horror movie – if you dare!


A spooky sequel to the critically-acclaimed Haunting Melissa app

You don’t need a media studies degree to know that the way we watch our TV shows and movies is changing, from binge-watching on Netflix to hashtagging during X-Factor.


Auxy review: An alternative to GarageBand?


With so many apps aiming to make the creation of music as quick and easy as possible, it is never an easy ask for a new release to compete.

However, Auxy may have cracked the conundrum by building a solution that suits those who are new to music just as much as it suits those seasoned music makers who need to create songs and beats to aid their songwriting.


Blloon review: Subscription based reader challenges Kindle


Blloon launches a freemium book reading service that it hopes will rival Kindle and iBooks.

Blloon is a service which is designed to let you read occasionally for free and to buy plans which are based around the number of pages you read rather than actual books.


Call Of Duty: Heroes review


Heroes is a town-building freemium game. It might dress it up in the urban camouflage of modern warfare, but it’s basically Clash of Clans reskinned.

That’s not a bad thing, and the core gameplay that makes Clash of Clans so playable is kept intact in Heroes, but unless you’re a fan of the recent Call of Duty games, you’re probably better off with the former.


astronomy, app, smartphone, tablet, Star Chart, SkySafari 4, Mobile Observatory, Pocket Universe, Star Walk 2

5 amazing astronomy apps

Top 5 Lists

Scan the skies with these iPhone and Android must-haves


Tidal review: Jay Z’s Spotify rival offers CD-quality music streaming


High-fidleity music streaming for iPhone and Android

As music streaming services go, Tidal’s credentials seem very favourable.


Workflow: Powerful Automation Made Simple Review


Become an iOS power user with a few swipes with this new automation tool

If you’ve ever used IFTTT web service or the phone app then you’ll have some idea of where Workflow is coming from.