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Win a PowerUp 3.0 smartphone-controlled paper airplane

Take to the skies with your own paper drone with PowerUp 3.0


Darkroom – Photo Editor Review


Develop your photos with Darkroom for iPhone

One of the latest additions to an increasingly saturated selection of third-party photo editors for iOS is Darkroom from Norwegian start-up Bergen Co.


Layout from Instagram Review: Quickly create collages to share with your friends


The cure for boring, bog-standard selfies

Layout from Instagram is the latest collage-making addition to the Instagram collection of apps.


Forge by Adonit Review: A challenger to Procreate?

Sketch ideas and compare images side by side

Forge is the debut app by stylus-maker Adonit and it has been made with its own products – notably the Jot Touch – in mind.


Wthr Complete Review: The fact-heavy weather forecast


As well as an 8 day forecast, review 4 years of weather data, in this fully-featured download

If the weather doesn’t really affect you beyond deciding what to wear on a brief commute to work then you’d be better off downloading one of the many free weather apps.


Carrot Hunger review: The HAL 9000 of calorie counters


Prepare to be scolded if you overindugle as Carrot brings his own-brand of sadistic AI to calorie counting

Carrot is rather insulting.


TheTake Review: What is that film star wearing? Tap to find out


Like Shazam for clothes, TheTake identifies what people are wearing in movies

The phrase ‘as seen on TV’ is a well-worn – some may say dubious – badge of honour for a product but there is no doubt that an item seen on a screen (large or small) can be more desirable.


Facebook Groups Review


Another Facebook spin-off app you never knew you needed

Initially, we struggled to discredit the sheer superfluousness of this app as it seemingly only served as a means to access your Facebook groups outside of the actual Facebook app.


Alien Blue – Reddit Official Client Review


The front page of the internet – for your iPhone

Reddit recently bought the Alien Blue app – before then, it was an unofficial piece of software created by and catered by fans of the online forum.


Forks Over Knives Review


An app that makes cooking easy and healthy? Thank Forks for that!

If you’re in the mood for a dirty burger then keep walking, because Forks Over Knives is designed with your nutritional well-being in mind.


Sorted Food Review


Share your delicious food videos with others with the Sorted Food social network

Launched by a group of young British foodie friends in 2010, the Sorted Food YouTube cookery channel has built up a following of over 870,000 subscribers who enjoy the mix of tasty recipes and light-hearted presentational style.


BrainPOP UK Featured Movie


Brainpop UK Featured Movie is unique and interactive learning experience for all ages

BrainPOP UK Featured Movie offers many unique features and uses logical tools to teach children about different topics.


Blixt for review


Could this minimalist download save the social network?

For those who just cannot encapsulate their thoughts into 140 characters, there is App.


Paperbag Review


Make grocery shopping less of a chore with this helpful list app

Whether you’re a student doing your own food shopping for the first time, or a harassed parent buying enough fruit and veg to feed the five thousand, one experience is universal: the horror of forgetting your list.


Instagram Review


Up your selfie game with Instagram’s new photo editing tools

There are two types of Instagram user.


Unread for iPad Review


Perfect for your weekend long reads, Unread is an elegant, minimal RSS reader

For the uninitiated, you can think of RSS (Really Simple Syndication) as an older, slower and more involved version of Twitter, enabling users to keep tabs on dozens, or hundreds, of sites through one app.


Grid Play Review


GridPlay is a quick way to create jaw-dropping videos on iPhone

Once in a while a video app comes around that really makes a difference to the way you take photos.


30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge Review


30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge serves up a must-have iPhone and iPad app for healthy living

The 30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge app is a simple one.


Frontback Review


Take the ultimate selfie with the Frontback photo app for iPhone and Android

The photography app Frontback by Checkthis, does exactly what you think it would; it takes a photo of what’s in front of the device and then one behind it; ie a picture of the scene in front of you, followed by a shot of the user.

7,175 Review


Boost your word power in minutes with the app for iPhone and Android

Hailing from the creative minds behind the eponymous website, the Vocabulary.


Pushbullet Review

An alternative to Dropbox or AirDrop, Pushbullet allows you to transfer files between devices through Push Notifications

Pushbullet is a new service for iPhone and Android that allows you to quickly share information between mobile and desktop.