The Best New iOS and Android Apps – February 8

Looking for the hottest new iOS and Android apps to hit the app stores? Read on…


Cordy 2, Moves, Cookie Next Door, Qwiki for iPhone and Stow have caught our eye this week

Cordy 2

Actually the third game in the series, Cordy 2 keeps to the cool 3D platform gaming that made the original such a joy to play. There are three cool worlds to work through, and in-app purchases to help you along the way.

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Your all-in-one exercise app, Moves tracks your life and movements; automatically keeping a log of running, walking and cycling as well as recognising places you go and the steps you take. It's all down to location services, and helps the app to create a stylish timeline of your daily movements.

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Cookie Next Door ~ Rainy Days

We're a sucker for imaginative and creative apps, and this is a perfect example. Cookie Next Door lets kids become a cast member of the story, but also create the story yourself by adding pages to the storyboard and creating dialogue and sound effects. There's even a voice over studio where you can narrate the story and then hear it in the character's various voices. This is the perfect fuel for any young imagination.

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Qwiki for iPhone

Video sharing apps are on the rise again right now, and this is another reason why. Qwiki allows you to combine, video, images, captions and music to create cool stories and share your experiences with the rest of the in-app community. The app is also seriously intelligent; browsing your Camera Roll for the best media to use.

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There are a few packing apps around, but Stow is one of the best looking we've seen, and even comes with themed sections based on different trip types so get the correct sort of help. Stow also takes into account the different weather scenarios as well as how many people you're packing for.

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