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Dcovery Review

Dcovery Review

Dcovery Review

A beautiful looking travel app with some unique features makes Dcovery on iPhone worth exploring with

Dcovery is designed to let you create a travel guide that is perfect for your particular needs. The idea is clever and the implementation is largely splendid, with some wonderful graphical elements included to add some personality. The system can work by simply searching for places within the app, or by downloading a desktop bookmarklet that will let you save items from the web for inclusion into your account. You then synchronise, and these items will be loaded onto the iPhone. Like many read-it-later services, the process should be swift and efficient, but we found ourselves struggling at times to get the bookmarklet to recognise particular places and some entries. For example, we chose Toronto and then added Canada as the country it was located in, but it came back as unrecognised. The system may need some tuning up in areas, but elsewhere the experience is fantastic. When you create a collection for a city and give your book a cover, it will be used in the background of the app, a nice touch, and the overall presentation in every area offers the perfect blend of clarity and graphical sweetness to make you want to use the app. With some changes to the curation element of the service, Dcovery will become a near-perfect city guide app for anyone who travels often. Until then, it may prove troublesome at times.

Rated 3 out of 5

The ideas and interface of Dcovery are brilliant, but the mechanism and data need some fine-tuning.