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Developer: Blurtopia Inc.

Version: 1.1

iOS Version: 5.0+

Size: 14.4 MBMB

Rating: 12+

Retina Display: No

Price: Free

Price: Free


Blurtopia Review

Blurtopia Review

Blurtopia Review

Have all your questions answered using this new social network

Sometimes a question pops into your head that you have to have answered. It might be to find out something about a person, or just a musing that has bugged you for ages, but posing random dilemmas is something we’ve probably all done at some point.
Grasping the concept of Blurtopia then is not difficult. It serves as a commune for users to put their questions to the world and see what the polls say. You can upload images to support your queries, and decide whether to get the results as a poll, a simple thumbs up or thumbs down, or get users to rate it out of five. It’s a clever idea to build a social network on, because more often than not the question will be the start of a debate, and seeing as each Blurt supports comments, you can instantly engage with other users. This can then lead to you gathering more followers and finding users to follow yourself, and before long you may have a network of people to run life’s great questions past – or to help you decide which chain restaurant to head to for dinner.
If you want to search out specific types of Blurts, you can use the Tags tab to find posts by category, or simply view the newest or most popular Blurts that have been posted by the community. This is social networking, Jim, but not as we know it – and you get to find some answers along the way.

Rated 4 out of 5

A new concept on the world of social networking that will appeal to curious users.