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Developer: Raul Riera

Version: 1.1

iOS Version: 4.3+

Size: 14.6MB

Rating: 4+

Retina Display: No

Price: £1.49

Price: $£1.99


Battlesquare Review

Battlesquare Review

Battlesquare Review

Take control of your city using Foursquare check-ins and this iPhone app

Foursquare has quickly emerged as a favourite social network, allowing you to Check In at various locations around the world and share this information with friends. A social map shows you where you and your friends have been visiting, and with the app on your phone you can quickly find out who is nearby.
Battlesquare takes this functionality and makes it into a game. Checking into a location in one of the world’s major cities allows you to capture it as a ‘territory’. Check into it again and you will add more ‘troops’ to your territory. However, if your friends check in, they will attack your territory, and attempt to take control. The mechanics work a lot like the board game Risk, with dice rolls deciding who wins and who loses. As time goes by and you visit more places, you’ll control more and more of a city, while your friends battle to wrestle control from you.
The game works well, but sadly there are currently only a limited number of cities that are supported, and if you’re in the UK you’re out of luck unless you live in London. You can still play with friends in other locations, but the map isn’t nearly as interesting and really you’ll just be rolling dice for fun. It’s a laugh when it works though, and if you’re looking for a more interesting way to use Foursquare this is undoubtedly it.

Rated 4 out of 5

A great way to add more fun to Foursquare, although it’s currently lacking in cities.