A mobile student planner designed specifically for the UK education system

This app is looking to be a relief to some users in the UK who have used study planners in the past, but felt their plans have been lost in translation thanks to a US-centric structure.


The Three Little Pigs Story

Houses made from putty anyone?

The Three Little Pigs is such a classic and memorable story, known by all parents and told in so many different books, that to charge £1.


Great Big War Game


Bit presumptuous to call it great. Oh wait, it is pretty great.

It’s the natural way to follow up Great Little War Game: make it Big.




A familiar to-do list style, but not a bad one

We knew it wouldn’t take long for the influence of Clear to be felt on the App Store, and Task is the first app to draw from some of the best bits of that app without totally copying the format (though the icon is rather similar).


NHM Evolution


The Natural History Museum leads us through the story of life on Earth

Following on from national legends like David Attenborough and Brian Cox, the Natural History Museum is the latest educational ‘institution’ to take steps into the world of iOS apps, with its download dedicated to the process of evolution.


Judge Dredd: Countdown Sector 106


Pick a path through this cool new Dredd mystery

Since Judge Dredd is now a major motion picture star again, it’s no surprise to see his presence on the app store, but it is a bit of a surprise to see such a famous character adapted into a ‘pick your own adventure’ style novel.


The Dark Knight Rises


Don the cowl and take to the shadows as the Caped Crusader

Following on from the huge success that Rocksteady Studios had with its console titles Batman: Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, Gameloft was left with some big expectations for its new movie tie-in title.




Make greater and better connections with any of your LinkedIn contacts

Although it was a bit slow to set up (on our connection anyway), this app takes everything that is good about LinkedIn – the network for business connections – and gives it some very useful communication extras that work equally as well on 3G as they do Wi-Fi.


The Sonnets By William Shakespeare


A great insight into the work of the bard himself

Much more than just a simple education tool, The Sonnets by William Shakespeare is a beautifully interactive and immersive experience of some of Shakespeare’s most famous works, performed by prominent stage and television actors, and members of the Royal Shakespeare Company.


Amazing Alex


What the team behind Angry Birds did next

Having to follow up a success like the Angry Birds series is not a challenge to be taken lightly, given that Rovio’s first brainchild is synonymous with iOS gaming – to the point where it tends to be the first on anybody’s lips when the subject crops up.




Ensure people get feedback, direction and encouragement with Proof on the iPad

While Proof at first feels rather frustrating, tricky and awkward – the tutorial proving to be more confusing than it perhaps should be – once you get down to business you soon figure how useful this app could be in a creative setting.




Could this great app be the video version of Instagram?

Stand in the crowd of any major music gig, sporting event or theatrical performance and you’ll no doubt bear witness to a sea of smartphones recording everything that’s going on in front of you, Vyclone is designed to take advantage of this exact situation, by relying on the power of the crowd to record the same event from different angles and splicing the whole thing together into one beautiful, multi-angle movie.


Tim and Tom


A great children’s book that makes unique use of the iPad

This interactive children’s book is designed by a French animation studio with the two goals of, in its own words, ‘consistently rich graphics with an interesting and intelligent narrative’ and ‘high quality books which nurture a child’s ability to learn and investigate’.


Tiny Wings HD


Learning to fly can be a brilliantly bumpy ride

A quick glance at Tiny Wings HD’s comical cartoon birds will most likely have you thinking it’s a polished Angry Birds-alike, but you’d be wrong.




A single tool to manage and minute your meetings

Being pulled back and forth from the meeting room can play havoc with your productivity while in the office.


The Amazing Spider-Man


Start web-slinging through New York in this action-packed game

Take on the role of Spidey in a plot that loosely follows the new film through 25 missions.




Carry the entire crowd in your pocket, almost literally

The scourge of social networking these days is the incessant need to inform people, all the time, of where you are and what you’re doing.


Martha Stewart CraftStudio

Get crafty on your iPad without making a mess thanks to this fun app

When it comes to making your own cards, the process often results in a gluey, glittery mess.




Restore order to your mind with this thought-mapping app

Mindomo is an excellent app that allows you to map out plans and ideas in a comprehensive thought chain, to provide detail and clarity to the creativity that flows from your mind.




Having been optimised for the iPad, Spotify is now ready to challenge your iTunes account

For a long time, the iPhone-only status of the Spotify app was a mystifying part of owning an iPad.