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PowerUp 3.0

Win a PowerUp 3.0 smartphone-controlled paper airplane

Take to the skies with your own paper drone with PowerUp 3.0


DuckTales Remastered Review: Scrooge McDuck returns


Nothing to fall fowl of in this classic Nintendo port

Until Nintendo starts releasing its classic platformers on mobile, anyone hankering for a taste of nostalgic gaming will have to go a bit left-field – and DuckTales: Remastered is a perfect place to start.


Stormblades Review: Hack’n’slash in style


Infinity Blade 4 this is not, but Stormblades offers arcade fun for iOS and Android

Stormblades is Infinity Blade-lite – it’s Infinity Blade aimed at casual players, though, not seasoned (virtual) combat veterans like its forebear.


Adventure Time Game Wizard Review


On my glob! Create your own adventure starring Finn and Jake

Let’s get one thing straight: if you’re someone who’s even a little bit serious about mobile gaming, you need to add Adventure Time Game Wizard to your collection.


Call Of Duty: Heroes review


Heroes is a town-building freemium game. It might dress it up in the urban camouflage of modern warfare, but it’s basically Clash of Clans reskinned.

That’s not a bad thing, and the core gameplay that makes Clash of Clans so playable is kept intact in Heroes, but unless you’re a fan of the recent Call of Duty games, you’re probably better off with the former.


Sleep Attack TD Review


A new tower defence game that will have you in a spin

Our eyelids drooped when we discovered that Sleep Attack was yet another tower-defence game – they have been done to death on the App Store – but this one dares to do things differently by adding a new twist, literally.


Deep Under The Sky Review

Explore the alien world of this imaginative physics-based puzzler

There are a lot of games with a single-button conceit, but we’re not sure we’ve come across a game that’s realised the one-tap mechanic as well as Deep Under The Sky.


VVVVVV review


Can Terry Cavanagh’s new game for iPhone and iPad match the success of Super Hexagon?

Developer Terry Cavanagh is known for his anarchic but familiar approach to games design, and four years ago he solidified his status as a master of the form with VVVVVV; an uber-precise Metroidvania-style game whose centre of gravity rested on adventure, while its limbs explored platforming, pixel-perfect skill jumps and intrepid exploration.


World of Tanks Blitz Review


There’s something unexplainably satisfying about blowing things up with a digital tank

There’s a fairly good chance you’ve heard of World Of Tanks.


The LEGO Marvel Super Heroes – Universe in Peril


Lego Marvel Super Heroes is a classic example of how not to port a console game to tablets…

The LEGO Marvel Super Heroes game (minus the Universe in Peril suffix) released to critical and commercial success last winter; operating around a New York hub world in between missions, players could do anything they wanted during non-story gameplay.


Zombie Gunship Review


Zombie Gunship offers a top-down view on the apocalypse

Zombie Gunship shamelessly takes its cues from the most (in)famous Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare mission ‘Death From Above’.


Clumsy Ninja Review


Needy freemium ninja child delivers only mild amusement

Clumsy Ninja comes bearing great promise; a free and pretty app with a quirky little central character you have to train up to be a master ninja.


Moon Control Review


Super Hexagon meets Harbor Master… in space!

Moon Control follows the lead of Harbor Master or Flight Control – the two action/time-management games that popularised the genre more than any other titles.


1849 Review


There’s gold in them thar hills – and in this Gold Rush management sim for iPad and Andorid too

There are moments in 1849 that prove to be genuinely stressful; times when you feel your heart beating because things aren't going quite right.


Botanicula Review


Botanicula is an intelligent point-n-click adventure from makers of Machinarium

Amanita Design has proven itself in the point-n-click genre with Machinarium, a playful and cerebral approach to drag-and-drop gameplay.


RollerCoaster Tycoon 4 Mobile Review


The classic PC theme park management game comes to iPhone and iPad

Rollercoaster Tycoon, like Transport Tycoon before it, is one of those titles that has a lot of goodwill associated with it from the days before games were played on smartphones.


Boom Beach Review


Supercell’s new strategy game is treading water, but Boom Beach doesn’t require as many in-app purchases as Clash of Clans

One of the most hotly-anticipated downloads of the year, Boom Beach is the new free-to-play game from Supercell, the makers of Clash of Clans.


Hitman Go Review


Hitman Go offers an intelligent and well-crafted board game twist for the Hitman series on mobile.

If you're new to the Hitman series, it has been bringing stealth and elegance to the first-person shooter genre for well over a decade on computers and consoles.


Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign Review


Pit teams of Marvel heroes and villains against each other in this free-to-play puzzle game for iPhone and Android

Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign is the latest in Marvel‘s series of match-three puzzle apps.


Wind-up Knight 2 Review


Go on a quest through a beautiful 3D world in the stunning sequel for iPhone, iPad and Android

Wind-up Knight 2 is the follow up to what many consider to be a classic mobile platform game and in almost every area it does not disappoint.


Primal Flame Review


Primal Flame is an unusual, addictive swipe-based game for iPhone and iPad that’s difficult to master

The best part of Primal Flame is the core idea: your challenge is to keep a flame alive as dark leaves and dangerous tentacles float around the edge of the screen — think Fruit Ninja but less cartoonish and more foreboding.