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PowerUp 3.0

Win a PowerUp 3.0 smartphone-controlled paper airplane

Take to the skies with your own paper drone with PowerUp 3.0


Procreate Pocket review: Paint a mini masterpiece


The fully-featured iPad illlustration app launches on iPhone so you can create anytime, anywhere

The iPad has revolutionised digital art to a great degree, providing a large, touchscreen canvas for artists to unleash their inner creativity.


Opinion Review: Record the next Serial with this podcast editing app


Record and edit your very own podcast without any technical know-how

Podcasting has been around for more than ten years and still going, with true crime story Serial recently going onto become a global phenomenon, racking up 5 million downloads worldwide and  even being syndicated by national radio stations, such as BBC Radio 4.


TheTake Review: What is that film star wearing? Tap to find out


Like Shazam for clothes, TheTake identifies what people are wearing in movies

The phrase ‘as seen on TV’ is a well-worn – some may say dubious – badge of honour for a product but there is no doubt that an item seen on a screen (large or small) can be more desirable.


Dark Hearts review: watch this interactive horror movie – if you dare!


A spooky sequel to the critically-acclaimed Haunting Melissa app

You don’t need a media studies degree to know that the way we watch our TV shows and movies is changing, from binge-watching on Netflix to hashtagging during X-Factor.


Auxy review: An alternative to GarageBand?


With so many apps aiming to make the creation of music as quick and easy as possible, it is never an easy ask for a new release to compete.

However, Auxy may have cracked the conundrum by building a solution that suits those who are new to music just as much as it suits those seasoned music makers who need to create songs and beats to aid their songwriting.


Fort McMoney Review


Take part in an engaging social experiment

This curious iPad oddity is a documentary game designed to engage players in a virtual reimagining of Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada.


Pokémon Camp Review


Pikachu and crew come to iPhone and iPad

Back in April, Nintendo and Google Maps teamed up to bring Pokémon out of their hand-held console homes and into the wider world.


Star Wars Journeys: The Phantom Menace


Feel the force as you control characters and ride a podracer in Disney’s new Star Wars interactive story

With the announcement of Star Wars Episode VII film coming to cinemas next year, Disney and LucasArts have already started the hype train with the first in a new series of apps.


Beyond The Screen Review


Enjoy another bite of the Three Flavour Cornetto Trilogy with the Beyond The Screen companion app

Are you a fan of the films Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World’s End? You can now get the inside scoop on the movies known as the Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy with this free download.


Ken Burns Review


Watch clips from the works of American documentary filmmaker Ken Burns in his free iPad app

Even if you’re not familiar with his documentaries, which were made for the PBS channel in the US, the name Ken Burns may ring a bell: the effect of panning and zooming in on still photos is named after him, due to his extensive use of it.


NHM Alive Review


David Attenborough breathes new life into extinct animals in NHM Alive

A spin-off from David Attenborough’s recent Sky TV programme set in the National History Museum, this app lacks the wow factor of that show’s stereoscopic 3D, yet offers its own educative excitement.


Disney Animated Review


Learn the secrets of animation from the master in Disney Animated for iPad

Just as they have brought countless still images to life on the silver screen, Disney has now sprinkled their magic over this comprehensive guide to animation.


Freesat Review


Control your Freesat box from your iPhone or iPad with the official free app

This official app offers remote control and recording for Freesat and Freetime set-top boxes once they are paired.


iPoe 2 Review


Featuring The Raven and other terrifying tales, iPoe 2 brings Edgar Allen Poe’s nightmarish short stories to life on iPhone and iPad

Edgar Allen Poe was without doubt one of the best horror writers to have ever lived, and his work has already been brilliantly represented and reimagined once for mobile devices.

11,000 Review

Android for iPhone and Android lets you stream videos wherever you are

Unless you’re already familiar with JustinTV, its details in the App Store – mentioning ‘premium broadcasters’ – might lead you to think it offered professionally broadcast TV channels from around the world.


John Lennon: The Bermuda Tapes Review


John Lennon: The Bermuda Tapes offers an interactive history of the Beatle’s last album

There is an undeniable enduring quality about the music of The Beatles but, more than that, a continuing fascination with John Lennon, someone who continues to inspire entire generations and countless musicians.


The Hunting Part 1 Review


The first interactive zombie movie shot on iPhone

The improving camera lens on each new iPhone has meant that the device is being used more and more as filming equipment.


Lucy Ladybird Review


Lucy Ladybird by Sharon Chai is a charming tale for iPad to delight the younger generation

There is only so long an iPad user can sit, playing on their device before their children become curious about the source of entertainment and want to get involved themselves.


Glitchamaphone Review


Music making fun for your iPad, complete with instrument playing animals. It can only be Glitchamaphone

A small corner of the internet was devastated last year when the massive multiplayer online game Glitch was shut down.


Steam Review


Keep up with the Steam gaming community 24 hours a day

As some of you may know, Steam is a service that lets you play games online, make purchases, and chat with fellow gamers in style.